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 From Rev.Father Stephen Roy.
May God bless you as you read and reply.
Dearest One in Christ,
May our good Lord bless your going out and coming in and provide all your needs through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.
Dear in Christ,
I am Rev.Stephen Roy, I am writing you this mail as God has directed me after one week fasting and prayers. Be informed that I went for a medical check up, and my doctor called me personally that I will not last for the next 2 week due to my heart illness. And i know i will die, of which I have prayed and ask God for a divine favour. I have decided to donate the sum of $1,500,000 USD for a Church or an individual as I do not have a child to inherit it and it's better I do not die leaving the money here without it reaching to the poor and the lessprivileged ones in the society.
As soon as I receive your reply I shall tell my bank to transfer the money to you.
Informations Required from you are:
Your Full Name:
Your Direct Tel & Fax N°:
Your Home & Office addresses:
With these informations, I will forward them to the Bank for immediately transferring of the Funds to your Position. Please always pray for me and let God give me more Good health to 
stay in this World.
Best Regards,
Rev.Father Stephen Roy. 





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lin lin 說 (下午 02:22):
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 很破的英文= ="





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